At Partners for Pets we put cats first.

Every member of our organization loves cats and believes in doing what is best for them. We take the time to get to know the cats and kittens in our care so that we can do our best to find the purrfect fit for each and every one of them. We often have cats who are shy, have special needs, or are part of a bonded pair that needs to be adopted together. Sometimes it can take extra time to find their forever home, but when we do it is always well worth the wait.

Adoption Fees:
Cats (1 year+) $80
Cats (6-12 months) $90
Kittens (under 6 months) $125 for one or $225 for two

Our adoption fee is priced to help recoup some of our costs for caring for our rescues until they find their forever homes. As a 100% nonprofit organization, these fees allow us to continue rescuing cats who need our help.

All Adoptions Include:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Microchip
  • Rabies
  • Vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • Testing for FIV and FeLV
  • A health check at our veterinarian within two weeks of adoption. If they find any health issues at the time, Partners for Pets will pay for the treatment.

Adoption Policies

We do our best to ensure our rescues will have a great life once they pass through our doors. For the safety and wellbeing of all of our rescues, we have a few requirements for all cats and kittens adopted from us.

Indoor Only

On average indoor cat live 10 year longer than their outdoor counterparts. By keeping your cat indoors you are preventing it from contracting diseases or parasites, being hit by are car, being subjected to animal cruelty, being attacked by other feral or wild animals, or ingesting toxins and poisons. In fact, the ASPCA has a list of over 400 plants that are toxic to cats. For these reasons and more, all cats adopted from Partners for Pets are required to be indoor only.

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NO Declawing

Cats need their claws. They are important for balance and defense and removing them is the equivalent of removing the tip of a human finger to the first knuckle. Many cats who have been declawed develop a biting habit to make up for their lack of defense and may experience pain in their feet, often leading to them no longer using the litter box properly. For these reasons, and many others, Partners for Pets strictly does not allow any of our rescues to be subjected to any mutilating procedures such as declawing and will not adopt to any person who intends to declaw their cat.

Learn more about declawing and why it's a bad idea for your cat from the Human Society of the United States »

Kittens Must have a Cat Friend

Cats are very social creatures who learn how to interact with their world being watching and playing with other cats. Through play, kittens curb one another's destructive behaviors, teach each other not to bite or scratch, and generally how to be a cat. For these reasons and more, our kittens are required to go to a home with another cat or be adopted in pairs.

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Adoption Process

Our cats are located at our adoption center on Trent and Argonne, or at the Spokane Valley PetSmart on Broadway. We encourage all potential adopters to meet and interact with our cats before making your decision. Our adoption process begins with an application. This gives us basic information about your family and home environment, and helps us ensure a good match between cat and family. Because they spend the most time with the cats in a home environment and are most familiar with their personalities, foster homes get the final say on all adoptions. This can mean there is a (less than 24 hours) delay between when an application is submitted and an adoption decision is made. We also must contact landlords for everyone who rents to ensure pets are allowed in the rental property.

We are currently doing adoptions by appointment only at our adoption center. Please call (509) 893-9829 to arrange an appointment or email an adoption application to We are also doing adoptions at the Spokane Valley PetSmart from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturdays.

Partners for Pets Adoption Center

  • A volunteer will immediately review your application and contact the foster home for adoption approval. Approval can happen immediately, but may take up to 24 hours. The foster home knows the cat best, and may ask you questions about your home to make sure the cat is a good fit. This is also your opportunity to ask questions about the cat’s personality, favorite toys, or habits in a relaxed home environment.
  • Once approved, you will fill out an adoption contract.
  • All cats must leave in a carrier, if you don’t have a cat carrier, we have them available for $5.
Note: We can only accept cash or check for our adoption fees.

Spokane Valley PetSmart

  • Volunteers are currently present on Saturdays from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Please complete and turn in your application to them. The process is then the same as at our adoption center.
  • If no volunteers are present, complete an application (located near the cats) and turn it in to a PetSmart cashier.
  • A volunteer will review your application, contact the foster home, and obtain an adoption decision within 48 hours.
  • You will receive a call letting you know the adoption decision. If approved, we’ll schedule a time to meet at PetSmart and complete the adoption contract. If you have a cat carrier, please bring it with you; all cats must leave in a carrier.
Note: We can only accept cash or check for our adoption fees.


Once a cat comes through the Partners for Pets program they are always a member of our kitty family. For that reason we always take back any cats adopted from us if for any reason it doesn't work out (even years later).

If you must return a cat you have adopted from us please call the foster home listed on your adoption contract or (509) 893-9829 to arrange the return. Please do not bring the cat in without calling us first. As a precaution, and to protect against feline disease, all cats must be checked by a vet before they are allowed to mingle with any of the other cats in our program. Unless an arrangement was made when you adopted your cat, we do not provide refunds.