Making a lifetime commitment!

What We Do

Members of our group are all volunteers who donate their time in many ways. We go to local shelters and rescue cats that are scheduled to be euthanized. We then have the animals examined by a veterinarian, sterilized, and microchipped. The animal then stays in the care of a foster home until it can be moved to our adoption center and permanently adopted. As a part of the fostering process, we have the unique opportunity to get to know the animal in a home environment. We are able to assess each pet's individual needs and determine what the best possible home for the animal would be. We then find a compatible, permanent, loving home for the pet though an interview process, and secure each adoption with a contract.

Our Mission

The goal of Partners for Pets is to

  • eliminate euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets,
  • promote sterilization surgeries for cats to reduce the number of animals born each year,
  • work collaboratively with local shelters in a foster/adoption program,
  • and educate the community about the importance of sterilization, permanent identification, and making a lifetime commitment

Adoption Center

Our Adoption Center is located on the corner of Argonne & Trent near Albertsons. Take the Argonne exit off I-90 and go north through three stoplights to Trent. Our Adoption Center is on the northwest corner of the intersection.